New Year, New Blog Post?

Nothing is better than a blog that only updates once per year. Here's what happened in 2017.

-We literally drowned ourselves in tees 47/52 weeks... it's pretty crazy stuff going on down in that shop of ours. 
-Added 2 "new to us" presses and quadrupled our print per hour capacity back in August.
-We sold the OG press, we don't miss it.
-Team grew, but we're still small and lean ;) 
-Still running 100% water-based inks
-Bryan had a baby boy!! Griffin Wolf Neubauer --- surprisingly only a few onesies have been printed thus far.
-We collaborated with some incredible clients on some really great t-shirt projects. We can't wait to get together with you guys again in 2018

Ok, will touch base again sooner rather than later this year, we promise.... You keep wearin' shirts, will keep printin' em.