New Site Updates - WIP

When we first launched the Pressd Apparel site is was meant to be a place holder for a few months while we built up our Inksoft catalog, and created more Pressd Apparel garments. Needless to say a few months ended up being more than expected, but now things are really taking shape!

We set out with a focus to really make sure there was a smooth transitional page into our online design studio as we continue to try and make the online custom apparel shopping experience as efficient and user friendly as possible. In order to do so we continue to use Inksoft as it proves to be the most cohesive online shirt design/printshop management combined software on the market and every one of our orders runs through the software. 

We're also introducing our new Pressd Apparel EveryDay Tee's. We're confident that this is the best custom tee on the market for under $10 (when printed with 1 or 2 color design). Our own brand of t-shirt starting out with 4 vintage colors, white, black, triblend grey, and navy. We can't wait to share it with you. Check out more details at our Shop Custom Apparel page.

You'll find some new Pressd Apparel gear that we've slipped onto the site under the radar. We've been sitting on some of these garments for months, so we are excited to see the reaction to some new pieces we have never featured before. Everything is moderately priced since custom printing remains at the forefront of the business, this line of garments is more about just sharing the designs we like, and getting to print for ourselves for a change. 

We're hitting the ground running so far in 2017, keep up with our busy print shop through our instagram and if you need any custom printed apparel be sure to check out the design studio or submit a request for a traditional quote!