Take the guess work out of finding the perfect blank shirts for your project

In order to help you create the perfect custom apparel for your budget, we start by finding the best blank shirt that you can afford. We’ve handpicked and cataloged a “Good, Better, Best” list of pieces that we love to print on, and organized each garment by quality and price. Whether you are looking to create a custom t-shirt, hoodie, polo, jacket, pair of pants/shorts, jersey, or cap, we aim to put the best few options in front of you based on the total price, softness, color variants, fit, and fabric makeup.


Bargain basics, Premium Quality, and Pressd Picks is how we categorize them. From our online design studio you can view all products at once, filter by garment type, or sort by any of the 3 categories and quickly see our all-inclusive transparent starting prices to determine which items fit your budget. Scan our side-by-side comparison cards below and click any of the buttons to jump directly to our online design studio so you can browse, design, get an instant quote and place your order today!


Starting prices include 1 color 1 location print. Find these specific garments in our design studio by searching the 4 digit SKU that you see above. (5000, 3001, 6010 ect)

From the design studio, sort products by Pressd Picks, Premium Quality, or Bargain basics to see all of the pieces in that price range, or you can sort by the entire T-shirts category.

Typically the higher quality blanks are softer and have more of a retail fit, but even our bargain basic options are quality manufactured pieces with great value. If a triblend fabric or big-name-brand tee is in your budget, then that is our go-to recommendation, a nicer garment or logo recognition, can really help drive merchandise success! On the other hand there are hundreds of reasons and situations where a low cost tee just makes more sense.


Big name brands will help you sell more merchandise at higher prices! Customize any of these specific pieces by searching the SKU’s above (NKBQ5233, CTK87, CP10, A372, 5040)

No Good, Better, Best here, but above are some big-name-brand t-shirt options that we can source at wholesale and always recommend if they work with your budget.


Find these specific long sleeve shirts in our design studio by searching the 4 digit SKU
that you see above. (5400, 3501, 6071 ect)

Some colors and options, like safety colors and construction tees are going to be specific to the Bargain Basics - quantity over quality is a real situation, and we get it, so we price it right!


The pieces above are some of our favorites to customize for the fall season, and all of them can be found in the Premium Quality category, or search the SKU’s listed (ST250, 1536, EXP52BMR, EXP54LWZ)

Keeping your merchandise stocked with the current seasonal garments makes a huge difference in promoting your brand! We don’t have a “fall favorites”category for you to sort by, but didn’t want yo to miss out on seeing these!


Find these specific garments in our design
studio by sorting the products for the “Hoodies & Sweatshirts” category. Or search the SKUs you see above (S101, 5495W, 18500)

Most of our hoodie options are cotton/polyester blend fabrics. Poly-blends will shrink much less or not at all (compared to 100% cotton). Printed colors are slightly less vibrant on polyester, but still look great!


Find these specific garments in our design
studio by sorting the products for the
“Hoodies & Sweatshirts” category. Or search
the listed SKU (18000, 3945, S600, 9575)

If you just want to see the cheapest sweatshirt or other options that we carry, then when you get to the design studio, sort products by “Bargain Basics” or search Gildan - our go-to bargain brand.


Find these specific garments in our design
studio by sorting the products for the
“Hoodies & Sweatshirts” category. Or search
the 4 or 5 digit SKUs (18600, 6491, 3939 3909)

Full-Zip Hoodies are a great branded merchandise option. Triblends hoodies are great for a thinner fabric feel that still holds in heat. The bargain option is your go-to here though if you are shopping strictly for warmth.


We have grouped all of the ladies specific fit garments into one ladies category that you can sort by - or search the above 4 or 5 digit SKUs (5V00L, 8816, TR301W, 8413)

For ladies specific fits we recommend Bella+Canvas, American Apparel, Next Level and Alternative brands as they tend to have better styles and more flattering styles.


Customize these options in our design studio by selecting the Polos category, or search any of the SKU’s seen above (8800, 13Z0012, 443119)

For casual office attire and golf outings we’ve cataloged a great selection of polos for you, including big name brands like Nike, Adidas, and IZOD.


Get started on your own custom racerback by clicking the button on the right and searching for any of the SKU’s seen above (645R2L, 6008, 8430, TR308W)

Racerback tanks are still the most popular ladies specific tank tops in the market. See them all by sorting by the tank top cateogory within the design studio.