Minimum Order: 12pcs when ordering your custom apparel through our site (some options, like select hoodies, require 16pcs minimum). If you are dropping off your own tees for us to print on, then there is a 36pc minimum. Minimums are determined by artwork, not specific garment (i.e. the exact same graphic must be printed on a minimum of 12pcs - 1 ink color change is permitted within those 12pcs )

Turnaround Time: Shirts will arrive in your hands 10-14 consecutive days after the date of your online order/approval and payment of an invoice. We do take-on some rush orders offering 4-7 day turnaround times, rush orders depend on the complexity of the project and size of order - shoot us a text message mentioning that you need a rush quote for the quickest response!

What Can We Print? Custom tees, tanks, long sleeves, polos, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, zip-ups, quarter-zips, jerseys, shorts, leggings, joggers, jackets, hats, socks, bags - basically if you can wear it we can print it, plus other cool stuff we can lay flat under a screen! For traditional screen printing our shop exclusively uses waterbased eco-friendly inks, we also have a full-color digital printed heat transfer option for specific projects. We always let you know what works best for your job, but 90% of the time it will be screen printed.

Shipping: Free Shipping is included for all orders 12-240pcs! We ship nationwide via FedEx or USPS and we always cover the first $120 worth of shipping fees (typically 4 boxes).

Our Location & Appointments: Shirts are printed to order with love from Chicago, IL! Our printshop is located in a sun-drenched basement loft (if there is such a thing) in the lower river level of the Bridgeport Art Center. We try to avoid unannounced drop-ins at the shop, but we do offer appointments on slower print days and offsite at our co-working office space in the West Loop. if you’d like to come in to see the shop or meet offsite to talk about a project - drop us a line to set-up a time to stop by 😊

What is the best way to get (and stay) in touch? Email or text first - team@pressdapparel.com ; (312) 767-1877
In a 2019 world, keeping a digital reference of every conversation really helps our small team juggle many different orders efficiently. We work with virtual team in keeping eyes on our entire printshop’s software and email/text lines day and night, so someone is always looking to reply within a few minutes for easy questions left unanswered here; please allow 24-48 hours for a reply if your inquiry requires a more detailed response. The shop runs loud and our basement lofts space comes with spotty cell service making calls difficult to field, if we miss your call just leave a voicemail, or you can always shoot a text ahead of time to set-up a call.

What is the the best way to place an order? Order online using the Pressd Apparel design studio! We’ve cataloged a fantastic selection of customizable garments at various price-points so that you can easily design and create yourself the perfect tee for your budget. Go directly from designing, to getting an instant quote, and finalize your order whenever you’re ready! A Pressd team member will check in with you via email to confirm the details of your project and design, and 10-14 days later, the order will be in your hands! We’re constantly looking to improve our online design studio, adding new products, design ideas, fonts and other cool features. If you’d rather get a quote and receive an invoice the traditional way, or if you’r project is a little more complex, then fill this form out here —- Request A Quote

What about design? We can help with that! Full custom design services are included with every order, regardless of how much design work is required - our design team stays very busy, so the more help you need, the more time the design team will need, but we are are always aiming for 24hr replies with any artwork updates. If you want to talk design, then let’s definitely set you up with a team member to guide the creative ship! You are going to need samples of styles and graphics that you like, and the more you can provide in detail with online samples, the better. Gather everything together and attach it to an email to team@pressdapparel.com

Do we offer drop-shipping and fulfillment? We do offer and have some fullfillment partnerships in place. Brand partnerships are all on a case by case basis, depending on volume of orders and the pieces your brand is offering. If you are already selling 30-100 pieces per month and want to discuss fullfillment options, let’s connect!