Pressd Apparel was founded on the idea that the standard product in the custom printed apparel world had a lot of room for improvement. In the Summer of 2015 we set out to create a screen printing business that would blur the lines between the commercial and artistic elements of print. Pressd launched as a Kickstarter campaign in June, that successfully raised more than $10,000, and so the mission began.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest value apparel in the industry on every single order. We like to print on shirts that we ourselves would want for our own brand which tend to be more suitable for customers and situations where you are going to want to wear this shirt over and over again. For customers on a tighter budget, we carry imported premium quality garments as well as your standard bargain blank garments where we honestly don't even mind at all if you come out asking us, hey what is the cheapest possible shirt you can get me? Print is our passion, and we try to prove it in all of our projects by delivering a custom printed t-shirt that we feel proud of; and you are satisfyed with. This is more than just pushing a button on a computer for shirts that are ready within 2 minutes. It's more than promoting the cheapest apparel we possibly can print.

Our process is simple, as soon as we receive your order or request for a quote, we pair you with a professional design consultant. Whether you have already checked out, or are just starting to brainstorm, you can expect a response within 24hours either confirming your artwork and order or starting from square one. All of our prices are flat rate all inclusive prices, there are no set-up fees, artwork fees, or shipping charges. Graphic design is completely free and that same consultant will be with you the entire way guiding you through the process, making artwork changes on the fly and sending you photos during production in real time. We take the extra steps to ensure that your order comes out exactly as promised.  

This is the way custom screen printing is meant to be done, so we take the time to mark each and every piece with the Pressd stamp of approval. Who says a custom printed graphic tee can't be your favorite thing in the closet? We see no reason why it shouldn't be!
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As much as we love designing apparel and printing for everybody else, the underlying mission is to always pay it forward. Pressd Apparel is a #madewithkickstarter company, so giving back is always top of mind and a reminder of how we got here. We've created our own line to help the cause in donating as many shirts as possible this year.
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