Life After Kickstarter: Cue Bridgeport Art Center

Plans Change. We couldn't even count the amount of times "our plan" changed during the 40 days of Kickstarter. If we could count it, take that number and multiply it by 7... that's how many times "our plan" has changed since then.  When you're just starting out and putting things in place,  you can't make a change to the plan without it effecting another part of it. More changes, followed by more changes. Change is constant,  thrive on it.    

One of the biggest changes we made was on the final location of the first print shop. We have our little bit of Kickstarter publicity to thank for opening the doors to a space at the Bridgeport Art Center. We'd never heard of it before, but the concept sounded cool. A loft space in a super old industrial building with it's own community of arts and events. Upon seeing the building we knew it was the perfect place to start!