It's official, we made it. Pressd is open and ready for business!

What has seemed like an eternity has finally come to an end, yesterday marked our first full day as being completely up and running!  Well..."completely" might be stretch, seeing as how this is just our temporary website...but we are happy to say that we are at least ready to print, fulfill orders, and our doors are open! 

We've kept extremely quiet since completing the fulfillment of the Kickstarter orders in late August; probably too quiet, but that just  means we have a lot to share with everyone now!  The plan is to use this blog for the next couple of weeks to go back and catch everyone up on all things Pressd.

So now what!? Well, ideally you'll go straight from here to submit a quote request, and then continue to check back soon so you can read all about our full Kickstarter story, all of the hurdles and obstacles we had to overcome, and how we managed to land at one of the coolest art buildings in Chicago.   

It's finally all coming together, we couldn't be more excited to share it with you.